I never could imagine it's possible to fall in love with the city until I came to Nice in 2008.

And I never fell out of love again. 

True feelings are beyond any reasons. The truth is this town is reasonably simply full of my most favourite things in the world:

 - red rooftops views always recharging you with hope for better

- feeling of childish happiness because of 300 sunny days

- meditative planes, flying over the beach back and forth when you are

- smiling kids who are running around you on Promenade du Paillon 

- welcoming bars and shops owners with inspiring stories at the Old town called Vieux Nice

- spontaneous adventures and passionate stories happening everywhere

- a chance to change plans meeting your friends because everything is in short distance

- breathtaking views insuring you that world is yours at Le Chateau de Nice

- your favourite live music on the streets and at lively bars

- cute plates, pillows and blankets bought at Maisons du Monde

- buying fresh flowers, dried tomatoes and olive oil at old laughing lady on Cours Saleya

- incredible ice-cream tastes and hot pan-o-chocolat you'll never forget

- adorable fairy-tale like villages to travel around

- inspiring people from all over the world 

- ...and, of course, the Sea of THAT colour.  

Once I realized I simply can't live without all this anymore.  

That's why in 2014 I have started my instagram @niceislove not to miss the town while I live far away coming back every 4-5 months.

Most of all I like wandering in the Vieux Nice always occasionally discovering great live music, sitting by the Sea watching at the waves, pistachio ice-cream and talking to the owners of small shops, bars and restaurants or local artists who are so passionate about what they do! 


5 random advice: 

1. Dream of something what seems to be a bit crazy or higher. Or totally. 

2. Find your passion that drives and inspires you.

3. Live with the music!

4. Do what you love. Every day.

5. Always try at least 3 solutions after the 1st didn't work.

6. And go to the Sea. Now!

The lesson I'm trying to learn:

Leave everyone you meet better than you found them (c) @awrightworld. 






Arriesgate! La Vida es Una! (c)


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