When was the last time when this question crossed your mind: what can I do to get that feeling of living my life to the fullest right now? Sometimes you get the answer immediately in the form of irresistible desire to go to one of your very special places.

It can be an isolated part of the beach or green shore of the river or a hidden bench on the dock of the bay. The place where you've left part of your happy self. That's exactly why people often feel good in the places where they have been happy: they meet themselves getting the answers to many of the bothering questions. 

This time it was an old stable, Domaine de Massac, in a short trip from Nice. 

And you come over to say hi to your old friend who would probably hardly recognize you. But he does. 

And you, full of emotions, touch his soft warm back and feel shivers through the body. And you are covered by the ocean of sensitivity and mutual trust, overwhelmed by sacred moment.

You awake your ability to get information by simple touch: finding out what is on another's mind and what is on his heart and much more...

Much more than you expected.

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February / Fevrier

Domaine de Massac | 11 km from Nice

Gaëlle Simon is a young talented conceptual 

photographer from Nice who has an insider point of view on the city and the whole region specially for Nice is Love.

During the year she had been taking pictures to capture the secret inspiration of secret places, unknown power and strong energy.

Stories come from photography inspiration after conversation with a glass of wine between impressive storyteller 

@smirnova_lisa and 

@niceislove founder. 

Huge thank you to the heroes of the shootings: your feelings show the true way to discover the city and fall in love with your life here.

PHOTO: @gaellesimon


STORIES: @smirnova_lisa

IDEA: @niceislove