There is music that should be accompanied by fresh air.

Roll down the window. Let the wind touch your hair. Feel how the Sun bursts inside.

Smell the Sea combined with warm pine tree and coffee in your paper glass.

Hear the sound of your favourite song that goes beyond these familiar sceneries embraced by transparency of the morning. Here the air of the sea meets the air of the mountains. Incredible place!

You can see magnificent views all around, so bright and colourful! Green hills, blue Sea crossing the horizon and the gorgeous mountains covered with snow and mist a bit at a distance.

It’s windy but it makes the sky look brighter and… even closer for some reason.

This air smells like freedom. You take a deep breath and freeze for a moment… It seems there is no place where you can breath better! This air has a character and lives its own life full of adventures starting with your messy hair and goes further turning into a never-ending story.

You would say hi to the air again just before the thunderstorm or when you see how it gets recoloured just before the winter sunset: another miracle of the world that starts at golden hour, an hour before the sunset.

Roll down the window, put your hand out and feel the strength of the air passing it through your fingers.


January / Janvier

Fort de la Revère | 15 km from Nice

Gaëlle Simon is a young talented conceptual 

photographer from Nice who has an insider point of view on the city and the whole region specially for Nice is Love.

During the year she had been taking pictures to capture the secret inspiration of secret places, unknown power and strong energy.

Stories come from photography inspiration after conversation with a glass of wine between impressive storyteller 

@smirnova_lisa and 

@niceislove founder. 

Huge thank you to the heroes of the shootings: your feelings show the true way to discover the city and fall in love with your life here.

PHOTO: @gaellesimon

STORIES: @smirnova_lisa

IDEA: @niceislove