Life is not something frozen.

Every minute is a turn to something new. From your birth there is a necessity to move which is combined with an unlimited desire. 

The main objective here and now is to start. Stop looking back waiting for the best moment, don't be afraid to make a step right now.

And as soon as you make a decision to move in the chosen direction, you'll see a lot of hints given by the Universe and would feel a burst of energy. 

Your inner voice would become your best friend supporting you and you'd know where to move on and which choice to make: it works like a magic, you just know... feeling yourself on the huge wave of your life.

Look how the town is moving around! The square embraced by cozy cafes has its own sound, a little boy who suddenly leaves behind madam with an adorable dog who starts barking filling the shore with life... You see the seagulls dancing in the air and a few waves get surrounded by a white ribbon. 

Get into this performance! Take new peaks of the mountains, discover the unknown places, try unusual food. Somebody starts jogging, another person books a ticket, and someone even learns how to ride a bicycle and by the end of the day start getting pleasure from its process. 

Embrace the changes and become the part of this movement during every day.

Life is not waiting for you, it's happening now!


March / Mars

Promenade des Anglais |  Nice

Gaëlle Simon is a young talented conceptual 

photographer from Nice who has an insider point of view on the city and the whole region specially for Nice is Love.

During the year she had been taking pictures to capture the secret inspiration of secret places, unknown power and strong energy.

Stories come from photography inspiration after conversation with a glass of wine between impressive storyteller 

@smirnova_lisa and 

@niceislove founder. 

Huge thank you to the heroes of the shootings: your feelings show the true way to discover the city and fall in love with your life here.

PHOTO: @gaellesimon

STORIES: @smirnova_lisa

IDEA: @niceislove