Bright sunshine, lively terrace facing the sea, modern design, Mediterranean food and fine wines – that’s Di Più in a few words.

This place gives you a touch of French Riviera lifestyle right away and can be a perfect choice for your first lunch or dinner in Nice when you have just arrived.

Opened in June 2013, Di Più is the youngest and the trendiest out of 5 great Nice restaurants (Boccacio, Villa D’este, La Voglia, La Favola and Di Più) owned by Philippe Cannatella, Serge Cannatella and Jérôme Quilichini. The owners are proud of the exceptional quality of the products making absolutely full and happy even the most demanding guests: everything is delicious and the portions are generously huge.

I have chosen the salad Di Più with ham and melon recommended by Oriana Schwaan, Community Manager of the Nice Restaurant. The dish named after the restaurant should be the one owners are proud of. And it was beyond my expectations: fresh and delicious - simply perfect for a hot sunny day. And the plate was indeed big enough for a long 2-hours lunch. Oriana confessed that sometimes she can’t finish the plate by herself!

For a dessert I’ve tried Profiteroles with chocolate sauce. And my life has never been the same: they are still on my list of the desserts I’ve ever tried and I have to come back to have them again. Highly recommended.

The atmosphere on the terrace is relaxing and lively at the same time. It can accommodate 100 hundred people. Sometimes there happen weddings or anniversaries but the restaurant is never closed for events.

“We keep our internal policy to be opened for everybody every day whatever happens – that’s the way to say thank you for the decision to enjoy your day visiting one of our restaurants” , explains Oriana Schwaan.

Oriana says Di Più is her most favourite out of five Nice restaurants because of the terrace just in front of the Sea. It keeps its unique atmosphere and charm in winter as well: there are heaters and people still can take a place outside by the Sun hearing the sound of the waves.

Besides that you have to see how fascinating this place by night: it’s pure magic you’ll keep your memories about...