It has now been almost four years since Ellinor @nice__living moved to Nice. She always discovers new things and shares small details on her instagram that inspire her. It was meant to be only during a three months period, but then... Better read her story and read more about her March discoveries during such a daily thing as morning jogging!

It was meant to be only during a three months period, but I truly felt already the first day that here, here I would like stay. It was just something with the light, the buildings and the nature, and how the people around me were enjoying their day and life in general that made my inner self feel so peaceful, and happy!

Now four years later I still have a full on love affair with Nice! You know that you have found ‘your place’ when you come back after a holiday from somewhere exotic, and you are just happy to return home!

Sometimes the love for this place hits me a little stronger, like a warm vibration inside me and my

heart makes that extra beat, like when a quick shower of rain has made the sea even clearer and

the blue even more lustrous, or when I get to experience an absolutely breathtaking sunset or

sunrise (there are soo many of them!), or when driving along the grande corniche!

Or when I find that new magical place! One of the wonderful things about Nice is that there are always new places to explore and new areas

to fall in love with.

Please, never stop exploring!

1. Watching the city coming to life!

Personally, my favourite part of the day is definitely the early mornings.

There is something very special about seeing the city quietly wake up and unfold around you. You

will see the market people set up their tables on the Cours Saleya, the Promenade is still fairly quiet

of traffic and the only other people awake are the hopeful fishermen along the beach.

Then there is the absolutely extraordinary light(!)…aaahh the riviera light!..

2. Finding new paths!

The old town where I live will always be my happy place, but recently I have started to appreciate

the stillness and tranquility of the port area. More specifically past the port itself towards Mont


In March I stumbled across the most wonderful place, just by taking a right turn where I normally

do not.

3. The color palette of the port!

If you, like me, are coming from the old town start your journey by making your way around the actual port. The port is by itself a lovely part of Nice. Especially the adorable and colourful old fisherman's boats. I very rarely see them being used but they make an incredibly addition to the color palette of Nice.

4. The enchanted forest!

Keep running along the water towards Mont boron, through the enchanted forest. Yes, the hill from the port leading up to Mont boron is truly Nice’s own enchanted forest with one fairytale house after another!

You will get some good leg exercise, and great views, on your way up to the top, and then after a

quick right, the real magic unfolds!

5. Dreamy villas in dream location!

If you would like to have a proper house in a quiet area while still being close to the city center and with spectacular sea views - this is where you should get yourself a villa. ! ! Until then you at least get ro run among them here while you are making your way down towards the water. ! ! Again, the most wonderful time to do this run is early morning during sunrise.

6. Glimpses of heaven

You get to work your thigh muscles again going downhill in a delightful jumble of dreamy villas, palm trees and steps. When you get to the last staircase it is truly as if you could glimpse a piece of heaven down by the water.

When you reach the end of the stairs you enter.. yes.. heaven. It sure feels like something close to

it. A truly magical path along the Mediterranean sea with the waves playing among the white cliffs!

This heavenly path will lead you all the way along the water back to Coco beach!

What made this run an extra deluxe experience in March was that, while running along the Mediterranean sea, I could see snow on the mountains across the water...

Extra Hot tip: Watching the sunset among the cliffs with someone special is also a lovely way to enjoy this secret part of Nice.