April started in Nice with run in colours, famous in France as a RunBow.

Natália Pizarro, discoveries-lover, has tried it this year for the first time and shared her bright impressions.

I have first arrived in Nice almost two years ago and this city never stops to amaze me.

Last New Year's Eve I vowed to go to a new place or do something new every weekend.

My latest adventure was super colorful! A group of friends and I went running through rainbows in Saint Laurent du Var at the RunBow Colors race.

We picked our kits up the day before and got our t-shirts and accessories ready. We called ourselves the PINKYLICIOUS!

When they said it was going to be a "5km race with people throwing stuff at your face" I thought we would have fun just strolling around and watching people get splashed with colored powder... but I was mistaken and we actually had to run!!! That made it all even funnier because I am so bad at it!

The circuit was really nice and we ran through the city and the cars, and everything was well organized.

At the finish line, they were waiting for us with drinks and even more powder for us to throw at each other.

The event set up a huge stage with a big screen where they shared the pictures we all were posting using the #RunBowColors, a DJ and the party started.

To get more into atmosphere see the video by Martial Recworld!

As the very healthy athletes we are, we left the show and went straight to McDonald's to get back all the calories we had lost!

Later, we headed back to Nice by train getting all the curious looks people were giving us, like "why the hell are these girls all covered in that colorful mess like that?"

The only downside that day was the mess I did in the shower to get all those colors out of me!

TEXT: Natália Pizarro