Lisa is in love with photography and lives between Nice and Moscow, going back and forth.

Her account @smirnova_lisa is truly one of our most favourites as she shows the brightest moments as colourful patches.

Lisa spent May on French Riviera and it was a beautiful month with lots of discoveries she is sharing with us!

1. Notice the first signs of summer.

The first signs of summer come with martlets who start singing their songs during the blue may nights flying somewhere in the sky here and there.

Stop for a second and look at these incredible birds who are drawing perfect circles in the air just as water-skiing sportsmen. The martlets are showing up only when the warm days come. Summer is here!

2. Head to the beach!

It’s the best time to get your place by the beach because summer gives your official right to spend here all day long. The Sun is getting warmer and brighter covering the bodies with tan. By night the waves is the best soundtrack for long rambling conversations (though don’t forget your jackets as the nights are still chilling yet).

3. Start your day with Boulangerie Jean Marc Bordonnat

19 rue Barla

Find your own most favourite bakery and you’d see how your every day would change to the better!

Boulangerie Jean Marc Bordonnat is probably one of the most beautiful bakeries – the red tree with picturesque painted tile that decorates the entrance and marble stairs leading inside.

The brothers Bordonnat represent the 4th generation of the family passionate about bakery and never stop their experiments! The bread is simply perfect here! We have left our heart there for baquette with crispy crust with sesame, quinoa and poppy seeds.

Rue Barla is situated on the other side of the Old town, just between Place Garibaldi and the Old Port.

4. Meet the cats at Bar a Chats

4 rue Lépante


Nice has lots of many different bars for a different mood and atmosphere. We have found a cozy bar La Ronronnerie where you’d have a chance not only to have a meal but also to cuddle with a cat!

Friendly family atmosphere, tasty home-made bakery, coffee and lemonades. There are many wooden constructions designed specially for cats and sometimes it seems the cats are literally walking just above your heads.

5. Discover Park de la Grande Corniche

Just 20 minutes (19km) from Nice by car you can find a very peaceful place being surrounded by nature.

Grand Corniche is situated 700m above the sea and the road lies in the exceptional place opening breathtaking views on the French Riviera: Nice, Villefranche sur Mere, La Thuirbi and Eze from one side and the picks of the magnificent Alps from another side.

Direction: from Nice go to Moyen Corniche and then go up to Grande Corniche (RM 2465), route de la Revere. Climb up to the top by foot.

6. Have an open air lunch

You don't have to order oysters at the expensive restaurant to feel happy.

Find your favourite place for a picnic. You simply don't imagine how much tastier a simple sandwich or pizza would be if you try it at the Port on wooden cover with soundtrack of the splashes of the water.

7. Catch the moment!

Don't be afraid to start something new especially this summer.

Take your very first video, overcome the fear of hight and get a lesson of paragliding, try pétanque or buy a dog.

They say if you are afraid of doing something that's the first thing to do.

Summer's so short, catch every moment!

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