This month has definitely brought us that true summer that makes you happy as a kid and which we have been waiting for so long. After a week we start hiding from the Sun because it’s too hot though still there is so much to enjoy: those incredible warm summer nights, fresh mornings and warm breeze. And it is so good to travel around Nice: by train, by car, by bike and of course, to spend some time on the beach doing that dolce-farniente!

Today we are sharing our best feelings discovered in June that will be your inspiration in Nice for sure!

1. The feeling of deliciousness at Brasilia boîte à café.

Located in a trendy area it gives you that feeling of fulfilment when you close your eyes like a child, trying a hot and cheesy pão de queijo. Simple Brazilian food, friendly couple and the perfect window for people-watching. Thank God for Brazilians!

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Braslia boîte à café | 8, Rue Bonaparte

2. The feeling of discovering the local world and cooking like a chef!

Rosa Jackson is a charming owner of the cooking school Les Petits Farcis just on the corner of rue Rossetti. She knows everyone on Cours Saleya, where we had a chance to try 5 different kinds of cherries, local specialities and sweets, an incredible olive oil and dried tomatoes! After cooking ratatouille with fish, onion pie and strawberries tart, we were rewarded by the great delicious lunch we had prepared all together as a team. Rosa is simply a fairy that knows all the secrets of cooking and loves Nice as much as we do. Besides that, she also has macaroon cooking classes and some nights with live music – see the schedule on the website.

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Cooking school Les Petits Farçis | 12 rue, Saint Joseph

photograph: 19 Rivoli Photography

3. The feeling of burger attraction.

Whether you are attracted because of the name that speaks for itself or the smell of the burgers or those hypnotising lamps you see from the outside, you are attracted to the right place. Tryburger is a conceptual gourmet fast food bar that has an interior with a story, high attention to details, mind-blowing burgers prepared by a 2 Stars Michelin chef and exceptional owners. Besides, their next door neighbours Papilla Icecream developed a Mojito ice-cream specially for Tryburger as a palate cleanser after burgers.

Tryburger | 1, rue l'Opera

4. The feeling of runaway from the town!

There are always hidden bars and places where you feel good in any weather. We have found one of those at Hotel La Perouse: chic and elegance united in a beautiful flower garden! If you come during the day for a drink and the terrace is open you have a chance to feel it all belongs to only you. And yes, the smell of the trees in blossom was unforgettable!

5. The feeling of a surfer’s camp with red lights.

Ooh Poo Pah Doo: hidden secret place that gives you the feeling of being in a 80s surf camp with amazing music! Besides all the benefits you would be nicely surprised by the prices: they are very moderate.

Ooh Poo Pah Doo | 27, rue Benoit Bunico

6. The feeling of “the world is yours!”

Unique restaurant, Le Plongeoir is literally situated between the Sea and the Earth, with delicious lunches and dinners to celebrate where you can try seafood by the wild Sea! We were lucky enough to have the cover opened just for us and this feeling is incomparable: the only thing you can do is wonder the infinity of the sea surrounding you.

Le Plongeoir | 60 Boulevard Franck Pilatte

7. The stop-and-stare feeling of live music.

We had plans for the evening to go out to eat a huge seafood pasta and were passing the Place du Palais de Justice when heard the sound of an acoustic guitar. After a while we realised we not only couldn’t but didn’t want to move and of course, we found a table just in front of the musicians. These moments are the best: when music embraces you like a wave and the rest of the world fades away and you simply stop and listen. Deep in the moment. Surfing on the wave of the music.

8. The feeling of smiling like a kid.

Do you remember those days when your mom would surprise you with a brand new jar of Nuttella or something you really loved? We feel the same when we see red rooftops. For some reason they touch us more than impressive skyscrapers or villas with swimming pools. The last may look great as well but red rooftops have that personal touch for us, especially when you have the privilege to see the view at your friends’ place in the old town or thanks to your Airbnb apartment (contact to get the links for apartments).

9. The feeling of the best fresh choice!

Fresh desserts: sweet meets sour in the raspberry tart at Jeannot Boulangerie and makes your happy morning. This is the place which James of 19 Rivoli Photography told us about in April discoveries. They have those blue chairs on the terrace which have become the symbol of Nice and we always love to come back there!

photograph: 19 Rivoli Photography

Jeannot Boulangerie | 8, rue Saint François de Paule

10. The feeling of dressing up.

It comes when you unexpectedly buy the dress of your dreams on your trip. Since this very moment it becomes a dress with a story and you would love it as a special one. We love Nina Transfeld Couture on rue Rossetti where Niceislove postcards can be found!

Nina Transfeld Couture | 5, rue Rossetti

11. The feeling of love for rain!

Rainy days may be sweet and lazy. We all wonder what to do when it starts raining. The answer is simple: find a good friend, a charming movie and stay home cooking one of your favourite desserts.

No need to spend too much time on the kitchen, just order food with Takeeateasy delivery: in half an hour the food would knock on your door! Take some good conceptual shots and one million of selfies to keep the memories about this good rainy day!

12. The feeling of being blessed. One of the greatest experiences that happens a few times in a lifetime is meeting your soulmate. And meeting your soulmate when you’ve grown up is such an exceptional gift. It’s unbelievable how you discover that you both liked bread and butter as child, feel the same stop-and-stare power when hearing great live music, share the same love for the golden hour, have a crazy obsession with numbers and even use capital “R” while hand writing. And the best thing is sharing your experience with each other, exchanging your best inspiring learnings: your favourite movie-editor, delicious desserts and simply how to say thank you to the Universe - in the church, by the sea or simply looking at the sky wherever you are.

13. Feeling of surprise.

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5 rue Rossetti | Nina Transfeld | Designer's shop

12 rue Saint-Joseph | Les Petits Farcis Rosa Jackson | Cooking classes

16 rue de la Préfecture | Lesdelicesde Candice | Vintage Jewelry Shop