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We have always been charmed by lifestyle photographers who capture you in the moment asking you to forget about camera. It uncovers who you become looking at this or that part of the city: what you feel, how you look like, what makes you inspired or sad.

Both girls Gaёlle Simon and Kate are our good friends for a long time: they met in spring and that's what came as a result.

It was pure refreshment bringing up the warmth after cold and griefs.

Gaëlle likes to choose very different locations and to show them via person's feelings.

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The girls have shared their impressions with us from that magic day of spring to share what stands behind.

- Located north of the center of Nice, Château de Valrose is the headquarter of the University Nice Sophia Antipolis, - tells us about location Kate. Built by order of the wealthy Baron Paul von Derwies, the complex consists of the castle as such, the park, and a smaller neighboring castle. But the most surprising part is that this place even features a genuine Russian Izba coming from one of the baron's properties in Kiev. Made of fir wood, it was shipped here by sea and reassembled on the site. The izba serves as a reminder of the presence of Russian aristocrats on the Riviera in the mid-19th century and also makes you think of harsh winters and immense forests in Siberia. I also thought of Baba Yaga’s hut from Slavic folktales, usually described as standing on chicken legs.

After having lived in the South of France for 2 years I thought I know every corner of Nice, but Gaëlle showed me how wrong I was. Our task for the photography project was to create some pictures that would make viewers think of different parts of the world. When Gaëlle asked if I have been to the Valrose park, my reply was “no” and never ever could I imagine how beautiful it will be and why it perfectly reflects two completely different places - Russia and New York...

After having made some pictures there, we moved to the park that resembles the Central Park. Imagine the balmy breath of spring when you run barefoot on a marguerite meadow and inhale the breathtaking freshness! I didn’t want to leave this place! I wanted to lay down and fall asleep. I felt like a princess waiting for her Prince Charming to arrive! Maybe that is the reason why eventually Gaëlle chose one of the pictures taken there to be on her exhibition’s cover photo. She likes to capture true emotions, movements and feelings. You don’t have to pose or pretend. Gaëlle is not only a talanted photographer with a unique way of thinking but she is also very nice and sweet as a person.

I am looking forward to working with her again soon and hope you enjoy the result of our collaboration!

- We took those pictures with Kate on a sunny April afternoon, - shares her memories Gaëlle Simon. We met at 5pm and went to Valrose park at the golden hour. This park is totally wonderful and there are not too many people besides students.

Those pictures were originally planned for my exhibition «Dream of elsewhere». The hidden Izba at Valrose and the park were perfect, they made me think about Russia and Central Park. The shooting with Kate was really cool. I understand english but don’t express myself well, and it’s the same for Kate in French. So she was speaking english and I replied in french, it was really so much fun!

For me it is so great to meet new people from elsewhere in the world in my own town. I discover new stories, it’s so inspiring!

For example, Kate made me want to visit Riga, her native city which I didn’t know about before...





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