The French Riviera is the place to be when it comes to partying in stunning castles, celebrating weddings with gorgeous views and just enjoying life the best way possible.

Nice presents us with a variety of bands for all kinds of events. Live music is essential in this region and you can find it almost everywhere.

We selected one of our favourite bands this month. They are the Monarchs.

The Monarch is an image of elegance, sophistication, transformation and a mysterious power. The Monarchs Band is the dream of three people to travel the world sharing meaningful music with friends and strangers.

Formed by a young married couple, Robby and Justyna and the multi-talented Geoff, all three Monarchs left their hometowns to entertain the crème de la crème in the French Riviera.

Robby, retired child actor from Seattle, USA, left the world of jazz drums to sing songs from around the globe in Nice. Usually with his guitar in hand, Robby knows how to transform a cool, chilling ambience into a red hot party!

So what is your dream and what would you do to make it come true?

Robby’s environmental side spoke louder and his answer was that he dreams of an economy based on sustainable energy and agriculture, with more producers than consumers and he would start investing in the right aquaponics startup.

Geoff dreams of finding the one and starting a family.

And Justyna says she is living her dream! Touching people with music, making them laugh, cry, bringing back old memories, she wants to convince people that they shouldn’t be afraid of following their passion and that it is possible to live from music, being an artist.

When was the last time you said “that’s why I love my job”?

Recently, the Monarchs had the honour to play for the Duchess of York and she kindly sent a letter thanking them for such a special night. For Geoff, that was one of those moments when you really appreciate what you do. On the same night, Robby had the opportunity to meet the CEO of a company he really believes in. And Justyna mentions that night as well as high point of their career.

You guys are very lucky to have found your passion! What inspires you to keep going?

Justyna has two teachers from the music academy and her husband as inspiration and she keeps going based on her curiosity for life.

Geoff counts on his instincts and Robby is moved by the laughters and smiles!

What makes you happy?

Success is the key for Geoff, for Justyna it is playing music for older couples and watch them tearing up, and Robby is happiest when singing obscure songs from strangers’ native lands!

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Robby sees himself as a CEO of an aquaponics startup or mayor of a small town.

Justyna imagines herself playing on a big stage with a choir.

And Geoff sees himself in ten years… mmm… bald!

How does Nice inspire you? What are your favourite places, activities…

Geoff loves his kitchen and spends his free time trying new recipes.

You can always catch Robby climbing over the big fake rocks in the port to swallow that ocean for a quick minute.

Justyna loves to go out and have a coffee in the sun, admiring all the beauty around, getting inspired and motivated by the international atmosphere Nice brings.

What song makes you think of Nice?

Justyna walks along the Promenade du Paillon and sees La vie en Rose, by Edith Piaf.

Geoff hears Volare playing in his head while strolling around the old town.

Robby gets a La mér feeling when he goes to the port.

Even though their job is to party, we know that it is still hard work. The Monarchs bring a new conception for the Riviera bands with Justyna’s classical clarinet, Robby’s amazing entertainment skills and Geoff’s rock n’ roll touch.