French Riviera has become the seaside destination number one for conceptual photographers.

Dreamteam photography is a successful international project founded by two girls: Maya Tetter, incredible fashion photographer and Gala Borzova, worldwide famous stylist. They travel around the world creating the story behind the image of each person.

This summer they came to Cote d'azur to make several projects come true in collaboration with Anna Khomenko, talented make up artist.

Luckily they had just a few days for an enchanting break at Hyatt Regency Nice Palais de Méditerranée to make the best of being away from home and shared their impressions with us!

After a few days at peaceful Villefranche we've been covered by the wave of the lively hustle and bastle of Promenade des Anglais in Nice. Some things don’t change here for many years: those familiar blue chairs looking at the Sea like invisible passengers, the same unbelievably coloured water (they call it "azur") and that high blue sky here and there crossed by the planes bringing new lucky travellers who have chosen French Riviera as their destination. This time we stayed at Hyatt Regency Nice Palais de Méditerranée – its Art-deco building has been decoration of Promenade des Anglais for centuries and current owners did their best to keep its majesty and power of glorious past though giving a fine blend of modernity.

The location is simply perfect! The hotel is situated just in the middle of everything: being 15 minutes from the airport, it’s just steps away from the seaside and Promenade des Anglais, the central square Place Massena and the Old town, the heart of the town.

Stopped at the entrance we’ve heard the whisper of the fantastic long dresses worn by the ladies and the sound of the coins that gentlemen used to leave.

The gorgeous building had been built in 1929 as a Casino and after was also used as a theatre presenting the performances of outstanding artists, such as Charlie Chaplin, Edith Piaf, Charles Trénet and Maurice Chevalier. It was designed to surprise, entertain and enchant and that’s what Hotel is trying to keep nowadays.

What is the hotel for a traveller? It is the place where you can stop running and catch the moment with a glass of rosé. We really loved the concept of the hotel which says Make the Most of Being Away! While our luggage was being transported from the 1st to the 8th floor and the ice was melting at the bar by the swimming pool, we were enjoying watching those who had already got into this atmosphere of enjoyment: relaxed couples by the pool, small boats passing by along the Sea and young girls in the bright swimming suits going to the beach.

We couldn’t wait to join them and to catch that spirit of dolce farniente.

Smiling hotel concierge has offered us the best place on the Sporting beach: it was the first row of incredibly white beds and umbrellas, just in front of the Sea where you could watch the careless flow of life till the sunset.

If you are not a huge fan of beaches, you can easily spend some time by the swimming pool at the hotel.

There are two of them: one is open air where you could spend another hour or two with a bright blue or red cocktail with socca chips, perfect local complimentary tapas to any apero drink, discovering local secret places at the hotel’s guidebook.

Another one is situated inside which is perfect for off-season after having a relaxing evening in sauna or hammam or to get refreshed after having a workout at fitness center.

After a welcoming day by the Sea we came back to the room. The first thing you get is that the rooms are really spacious, stylish and modern. Luckily, every room has a balcony what you would never see in Nice staying at the hotel.

Balcony is a precious place for so many rituals: to meet the sunrise, to have a glass of rose surrounded by nature and simply to listen to the sound of the city just before going to sleep.

There are also 9 gorgeous suits that remind you of a dream cruise ship and give the feeling of being at the sea with a limitless horizon! Again, the ambience of the hotel with glorious past is combined with contemporary design so well that you feel yourself a hero of another French Riviera movie.

Currently the hotel has a special wow-package: 50% off price for 2 top Suites including parking, a bottle of champagne and a fruit basket as well as breakfast served in the room every morning.

There is also a special week-end offer: 20% off for two nights and -30% off for three nights which may be a great idea for a romantic long week-end runaway in autumn or spontaneous trip with your best friends!

For big events the hotel has nine conference rooms (the biggest we’ve seen in Nice), which makes it very attractive for special occasions, festive events and anniversaries and weddings. The rooms are designed in modern style combined with touch of local colours: for example, the floor in one of the rooms is reminiscent of the beach pebbles, which becomes one of the main associations of Nice.

The best moments are those when you don’t need to go anywhere because you are already there at the right place which was simply perfect to see the pinky sky and blue mountains.

This hotel adds personal touch to everything: here you even have a hashtag #ifeelniceinnice to share your precious moment with your friends and see the collection of nice moments other people had here.

That was another reason why we stayed for a dinner at the open terrace of one of the best restaurant in Nice called Le 3eme with Mediterranean cuisine: we ordered fish of course, and the incredible cold wine produced in Provence and were surprised by the quality and beauty of food there!

On the terrace you can see an open grill kitchen where fish and meat are being grilled in front of you.

Cyril Cheype’s, the Chef of the restaurant, added modern and creative touch to the authenticity of Provençal cuisine carefully selecting local products combining them with exotic flavours.

For example, the plancha-cooked fillet of sea bass is accompanied by a fennel millefeuille with a shellfish foam, perfumed with Nice pastis. The menu is constantly evolving, introducing new creative changes every season composing them with nicoise traditional local specialities.

It is open for everyone from 12:00 till 22:00. It would be a great choice for a special dinner – for example, for Sunday night. You can also continue your night at the bar Le 3eme where you can enjoy many cocktail home-made seasonal cocktail creations.

Another day we couldn’t help to come back for a lunch and had a chicken breast and a small dessert so much loved by French: Café Gourmand with a few absolutely adorably designed fine mini-desserts that change every day depending on the pastry Chef's inspirations.

Large buffet breakfast selections are available every morning so that you start your day in style and with sea view. With more than 40 items, all freshly prepared every morning, their American buffet breakfast combines international standards with local products.

That was not the only surprise there: during the day here or there you can see a violet balloons which are the signs of various surprises: local wine or Nice specialities tasting nights by the swimming pool, complimentary macaroons in a nice box with a recipe when you order tea or coffee and many more.

Being honest we are pure hotel-lovers, that’s a part of journey for me where we are getting recharged and never get bored. People come and leave. Say hi and goodbye. That’s the best minutes of life.



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