Today is incredible day in Nice: indian summer is back for a day bringing us 25 degrees! That is why we decided to share one of the warmest summer memories with you.

They are inspired by Nina Transfeld, an inspiring young clothes designer who has definitely found the passion of her life. Nina is always full of fresh ideas and is in love with the town as much as we are.

She moved here from Paris around two years ago and already became a part of it after she opened her charming boutique on rue Rossetti where you can also find Niceislove postcards!

The photoshoot was made by our favourite girls: it's another incredible series from talented Gaelle Simon and Jekaterina Gallamova and Natália Pizarro as models.

I feel lucky to be able to go to work in the morning, to my own tiny boutique on rue Rossetti, which is just next to the famous Place Rossetti, one of the most beautiful squares in Europe.

Once you enter the old town of Nice, you already feel like you are entering another world, you squish yourself through the windy, tiny streets, some full of people, hustling and bustling with lots of noises and scents and some absolutely empty, and so quiet you could hear a pin drop.

This is what I love about the vieux Nice. It’s so diverse but at the same time it’s like a small village. I go from street to street and I see the same people every day on my way to work, the crazy guy on his scooter delivering hundreds of baguettes, the people sweeping the street in front of their boutiques, the cowboy of Nice and of course my boutique neighbors.

But during the day I have hundreds of people walking by from all over the world. I meet people from everywhere who are here for vacation, for school, for love, for work etc.. and all of them have their own special story.

I love to talk about that with my customers while they are trying on a dress... It’s so interesting to hear these stories, it makes me happy and I feel so privileged to be able to be there and do that all day, every day. It also inspires me for my next collections and keeps me going.


The thing I like the most about Rue Rossetti is that it’s one of the widest streets in the old town, it goes up to the hill of the chateau, so you have constantly people strolling by.

It’s great for me because people can already see my boutique from far away and not only when they are right in front of it. I also love, that the street is very colorful, often there are little flags strapped from one side to the other.

I love all the noises you hear, like the little flags in the wind, people walking and talking, chairs from restaurants being moved, glass breaking and in the far distance you always hear a jazz tune, coming most likely from the Shapko bar next door, famous for its live jazz music.


A lof times in the afternoon we, the boutique owners on the rue Rossetti, get ice cream at Fenocchio, the famous glacier with millions of tastes!

My favourite flavors at Fenocchio are Fleur d’Oranger and Lavender. I specifically love these two, because you can’t find them anywhere else. At least I have never seen them and they are absolutely delicious of course, as can be expected from one of the most famous ice cream parlors on the planet!! A true taste of Cote d’Azur and Provence.


Everyone knows each other in the old town and specifically on the rue Rossetti.

There is an amazing feeling of mutual support, we all help each other out and often go out for lunch together.

Most often we go to Tote et Mamie Charlotte, which is a fairly new restaurant right across the street from the boutique. The food they serve is absolutely delicious, original and on top of that not too expensive. My favourite dish is the salmon pasta entrée.


My neighbor right next door is Yoann from mistercanne, who sells elegant mens accessories inspired by another time and era, like walking canes, umbrellas, bow ties and hats. Our shops fit very well together because just like his products, most of my collection is inspired by the 50s and 60s. Yoann makes the best Mojitos of the street and we often meet in the afternoon for apero and a round of UNO.

A bit further up we have Jonathan from Anthroposage, which is an antique gallery out of this world. I’m pretty sure he got half of his products from another planet and even he himself is known for being the crazy old town hippie. Often times he joins up for aperos and tells his world philosophies of which we honestly don’t understand any of them J Another time he might come by and bring a voodoo mask with him to deposit in out boutiques for good luck….

Directly across we have Dorothee from Even, another small clothing boutique for women. Dorothee is my fellow crazy dog lady and will just like me come running out of her boutique if there is a cute puppy on the street, no matter if we have clients or not.

In the evening when we all close round the same time we chat with each other to see how the day went, share a minute of mutual encouragement and go home.

I should have to say, that even though being on rue Rossetti with my boutique only for 5 months, I feel at home there and I hope I will be there for many years to come.


Like I already mentioned a bit earlier, my collection is mostly inspired by the 50s and 60s.

For the spring and summer season everything is very colorful, so it fits perfectly into the area. The colors of the buildings and the sea here in Nice inspire me as well. All items are also handmade in France, and some of them right here in Nice.

I believe that developing new collections we should keep the best favourites presented. Therefore since this summer collection was appreciated well and some of the dresses would be presented for summer 2017.​