Arriving to Nice

Arriving to Nice in the end of April was so far one of the best ideas we ever had: it’s time when it's getting warmer, the lights seem to be so clear and all the city is already awake and in blossom. It’s transition between off-season and summer: it’s totally full of magic and new beginnings.

We always try to choose a place that reflects the mood and spirit of our trip. Thinking of that and being fans of jazz we realised that Ellington Hotel matched us the best. We just came from Paris by train and found ourselves warmed up by beauty of Nice and warm sunny rays of the Sun. We took a walk towards hotel (it takes not more than 10-15 minutes from the railway station) to get the first touch of spirit of Nice. We enjoyed lively Avenue Jean Medecin and crossed the street just by Nice Etoile turning to the left.

It was Boulevard Dubouchage which reminded us those calm streets of Paris: you always find something interesting hidden just steps away from touristic routes. in 5 minutes we were standing by gorgeous entrance of Hôtel Ellington: we were impressed by adorable apricot coloured entrance with big windows and lots of green trees surrounding the building. Location couldn’t be better: just 7 minutes from Place Massena and 10 minutes from the old town and Promenade des Anglais.

Hotel Ellington

25 boulevard Dubouchage, Nice



Welcome to Hôtel Ellington

We came in and got that feeling we’ve arrived to a very special place. Hotel got its name after famous pianist Duke Ellington and you can discover amazing atmosphere of jazz of twenties. Looking at the old photos decorating the walls of the hotel we imagined ourselves partying with the best jazz musicians and almost heard the songs of live jazz band.

“Bonjour, Madame!”, we were welcomed by a lady on reception who smiled us friendly. She was happy to see us and made our stay warm from the first minutes. We’ve actually arrived half an hour earlier and our luggage was taken to a luggage room, we got registered and went out for our first walk in Nice. We crossed Place Massena and got to famous Cours Saleya market which was about to close and started looking for a restaurant with a terrace to have a lunch.

Cours Saleya


And the adventure begins...

After that we were very happy to get back to the hotel again. We always feel excited to hold the keys of the room in our arms: that’s where your adventure begins. We went on the second floor, entered the room which was light and cozy with a large bed and a balcony overlooking back yard

There was a small table on the left where we found a coffee-machine, teapot and everything we needed for a cup of coffee or tea, room service menu.

Tight curtains which made the lights smoother perfectly matched that room and created a very cozy atmosphere. I took a seat at the armchair and enjoyed being part of this wonderful place! After that we fell down into a perfect bed’s embraces: we felt pleasantly tired and enjoyed every moment not wanting to go anywhere!

Surprisingly we got recharged quite fast, and went out to the balcony to take a breath of amazing Mediterranean air which was so fresh! It felt fantastic not to be in a rush, to get warmed up under the April sky and to realize we are finally here in Nice. Everyone from receptionists to cleaning ladies was kind to us sharing recommendations around the city and we felt welcomed as long-awaited guests!


Time for apero

Soon we noticed that it was apero o'clock already and we went down to the bar. Embraced by the soft light, sounds of lively music and mysterious atmosphere bar transferred us back in time where all those jazz musicians and artists met together. Great beautiful chandeliers, perfect rows of bottles with reflections placed carefully, huge mirror on the wall and amazing ancient map... Everything what surrounded us kept its own fascinating story which you can her only over a secret talk with barman having a cocktail or two.

Bar of this hotel is an amazing place to have an apero and find yourself somewhere between bliss and pleasure. Even if you don’t stay at the hotel you can come over especially if you are a fan of such jazzy places with history. Oh, if we could only could be here during jazz festival as they invite musicians and have proper jam sessions! This is so exciting to explore everything: we still haven’t been to the yard we saw from the balcony. It was so charming! We saw tables decorated with mosaic, forged chairs with big orange pillows and have chosen the ones in corner: to have a great view enjoying presence. It was so green: the walls and the windows were beautifully covered with ivy.

There was a statue of the God named Mercury in the centre and we were referred to Greek mythology: it was the best start of getting known Nice which got its name after Nikaia, greek Goddess of victory.

Right after we couldn’t wait to discover Nice! Every time leaving the hotel I loved stepping on soft carpet silently and couldn’t stop watching at great photographs of great musicians which seemed to be alive leaving my husband waiting.


Meet the sunset

So we left our hotel and took a walk to Place Massena: it was very close. This is where we saw Promenade des Anglais and couldn’t stop staring at the sunset listening to the sound of the waves. There were fountains by the square, the kids were running around, laughing and playing with water. It was one of those moments filling your trip with emotions and colours.

Place Massena

We crossed the road and went down close to the Sea and were charmed by the waves which touched the shore softly with the sound you have only on pebbles beaches. People organised picnics and were just sitting there talking and sea-watching in twighlights when the first lights are turned on. After a dinner at a lovely restaurant we got back to the hotel to spend the rest of the night together on our balcony breathing in the air of the night and tasting another wine. Our day has ended at our cozy bed with gentle touch of fresh linens and large white pillows.


French breakfast

We didn't close the curtains to let them wake us up early. We were excited to have a breakfast. Oh how delicious the bakery was: crusty croissants, pain o chocolate with a cup of coffee, freshly made pancakes with jam, various fruits - simply all you need to start the day! We’ve chosen a table at that pretty yard and enjoyed that amazing morning we’ll keep memories about for a long time after.

We really wanted to stay longer but that was good: that meant we’ll be back one day! We are very happy our acquaintance with Nice started with Hotel Ellington : it was exactly here where we fell in love with Nice and became a part of atmosphere of 20s being embraced by the world of Jazz.