2008- till present

my nice is love


 September 2008

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They say we leave a part of us in the cities where we've been happy. And we have opportunity to meet us. And to remember something important we could forget. 

Beinvenue à Nice.

- Bonjour, Madame! 

- Bonjour! Je viens á Hyatt Regency Palais de la Méditerranée

An unexpected sequence of events brought me exactly here 10 years ago for the first time to Nice. 

My favourite town has the sound of the waves kissing pebbles, red-orange-yellow colors of the rooftops with seagulls flying just above them.

It's about sweet warm sweet air promising new beginnings and live music in the old town.

Nice gave me that incredible feeling when you start writing your own chapter of life you want to live with a good madness, only as you can: without "oui, mais". 

Thank you, Nice, for being my true inspiration, passion and love. 

I remember when we first entered the old town, I felt the vibe of life celebration there.

It embodied open warmth, artistic soul and magic of spontaneous adventures. 

Authentic spirit in the lively heart of the town. 

Wicker chairs and green shutters, the sound of raised glasses and tower's bell clock on Place du Palais du Justice and live music, laughs of friends and confessions of those who are in love, the owners of the restaurants welcoming at the doors and handsome bartenders

The streets were full of stories of the past and future.

photography: @gaellesimonlocation: @hyattregencypalaismedcalligraphy: @niceplumeflowers: @julieguittardfleuriste

I was sitting at cocktail bar of the hotel: there is this magical touch of a secret world at hidden speak-easies.


Overwhelmed by memories, I found my diaries and went back in time. It was a spring of my life: when you don't have to make too many decisions and yet, have all the opportunities and all the choices you could imagine.


 I believe that every city shapes our personality. Nice has charmed me. This town has  lighted me up with sheer passion, infected with creative imagination and generated splash of spontaneity breaking from usual habits .


This city has irresistible spirit and infects you with a strong desire to live happily.

The seagulls conversations get mixed with incredible smell of the Sea and warmth.

No plans. So good to have no plans, when it's your page which is not written. Therefore you can do everything.

I'll be back.

Nice, France


Nice was the first place where I didn't want to act like a tourist but tried to imagine how it is to live there: discovering hidden gems.

That's how I took a walk behind the Port to find Coco Beach to get harmony and striking balance of wild strength and power of peacefulness. 

The sea by the rocks, people jumping from the cliffs, stone stairs washed by the waves, ships and boats crossing the water from time to time and your truest version of self. 

It's always mysterious to come back somewhere ten years after. You are surrounded by those de-ja-vu feelings: the way the carpet touches your heels, touch of wooden shutters decorating the doors, sounds of seagulls conversations early in the morning, colour of the lamp when the door gets opened by the card, touch of incredibly white linen: you remember everything. 

It seems you would naturally meet yourself like in time-travel novels. We always have advise for the past self but what if the past one has advice to the present one? The truth is that being young, we are not experienced but we see more clearly, dream bigger, inspire higher. 

I found a letter. My letter. "To be open when you find it". 

BeFunky Collage.jpg

I've planned this stay in advance and I had a schedule for an upcoming week to come true my exciting projects. I've brought fresh flowers from the most elegant boutique in Nice and opened my favorite finest rosé.

What could be written in this letter? I always stand for doing what you love and live your life to the fullest... If I could meet myself, what would I say? 

- Hey! Whatever makes your face thoughtful, I just wanted to say that in ten years you'll found a beautiful project that would inspire thousands of people. Those exciting  messages and thank yous warm me up every day, I read them all.

You will succeed on your own terms, exactly as you dream of. Have faith in yourself. Embrace changes and meet them with courage.

Trust yourself. And never ever give up doing something what you believe in. There are no guarantees but also no limitations. 

- I will do my best! But wait. I've also got something for you. Here is a letter you never written but would love to remember.

I opened my eyes and unpacked metallic twine, opened the envelope. There was an old paper with pale ink saying...

Let your spontaneous wishes guide you. They better know the way. 

It's proved that blue combined with red or orange generates endorphin.

When you smile to something you first see opening your eyes, that is happiness.

I had cereals with milk and red berries every morning on the balcony: it was my daily ritual.

Magic of the morning is stunning in Nice: joyful songs of the birds, seagulls dialogues, clatter of morning cups of coffee, french conversations, crunch of fresh baguette, light breathe from the Sea... 

I fell in love with every simple sound feeling myself as lucky as Prince Harry looking at Meghan Markle. 

I took a look at my phone and saw a rooftop photo of Hyatt Regency Palais de la Méditérranée. The rooftop is closed for visits due to safety reasons but I decided to try.

A few messages later, like in a dream, I followed the secret labyrinths and discovered the view over my favourite city as close as it could be. 

I will never be able to explain why these pretty reds will always beat skyscrapers or forests and fields. It's just they say I'm home. But you, you will understand! Because you feel the same and it's important for me to share this love to the most beautiful place in the world! 


IMG_5597 2-2.jpg

The Sea has always been something bigger than part of the city...

Do you know what it is like to watch and listen as strong as you can, being never enough of it? 

The Sea is... 

...a well known sound of pebbles rolling down by the waves

...the birds swimming on the waves in the morning

...curles at rauba capeu perfectly designed

...salt on your lips

...peble as a souvenir

...wild and passionate by cliffs somewhere on Coco Beach

... a harbor at La Reserve where it was so peaceful that I fell asleep once 

...warm embraces in the evening when pebbles seem to be precious stones colored by the sun

...milky pink and blue just after the sunset

...golden hour roads in winter, another miracle of the world, so gorgeous and sparkling


Still endlessly falling in love with Nice, again and again...